Total Clarity Counseling
Cindy Foss
Holistic Therapies for Personal Growth
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Over the years I have had the opportunity to participate in various types of therapy. My work with Cindy has been uniquely effective and fulfilling. What makes the work I’ve done with Cindy different is that she meticulously and gently draws out the connections between my current situation and my body’s reactions (behaviors) or my past experiences (thinking). It is in making these connections and identifying new approaches that Cindy has helped me come closer to reaching my full potential as a human being. I feel safe and cared for with Cindy's gentle and supportive techniques, and I also love that she knows when and how to not let me back away from a challenging moment. Through my work with Cindy I feel I have gained greater self-awareness and compassion for others. I highly recommend working with Cindy Foss. — Ann., Body Psychotherapy client from Pennsylvania

I had a profound experience working with Cindy. She assisted me in shifting a very old pattern of energy in my life. She listened to and acknowledged me in ways that let me know that she does her own internal work. I felt safe with her and finally free after our work together. Is there any greater gift? — Celeste J. Ross, Feldenkrais Teacher and CranioSacral Practitioner

I've been working with Cindy Foss for about five years. Looking at the man I was five years ago and the being I am today, I honestly do not recognize myself. With her inter-disciplined approach, her patient, kind and genuine caring, she is a rarity in the healing/therapy world. She leaves no stone unturned in healing the wounded psyche; old wounds are healed, energy patterns realigned, old behaviors shifted. The result is living more fully awake, complete and becoming a whole, integrated person. When you're firing on all 8 cylinders, life takes on new meaning and power and unrealized potentials are brought to the fore and manifested. As much as I dislike to use the word, 'transformational', it is completely appropriate to describe the work accomplished with Cindy. Although she has long since given me the 'tools' to fly on my own and effectively handle whatever life throws my way, when you have a gem like Cindy with her incredible healing touch, wise insight and support, seeing her regularly helps me go from Good to Greater Good and polish yet another facet in the diamond that is now my life. — Tim, Body Psychotherapy client

As an integrative holistic therapist, Cindy Foss has supported my journey back to wholeness as she guided me to acknowledge and accept the abandoned parts of myself. Through her integrative approach I was able to become more self aware of how my negative behavior patterns where a direct reflection of these unintergrated feelings. At this point in my life I feel more confident, courageous and grounded because I have learn how to nurture myself. I highly recommend Cindy's work to whoever is interested in true liberation from past trauma, fear or simply to develop a healthy self-concept. — Sharon Silverstein, Client and President/Founder: Living At Peace, LLC

30 years after meeting Cindy, I found she was a Body Psychotherapist and a CranioSacral Therapy practioner. I was excited and curious about her work and my inner voice encouraged me to call her and set up some appointments. I am so glad I did because I am now experiencing my own total transformation. My specific needs are always identified with clear precision and the process and modality she chooses does give me both release and growth. The complexities of my life challenges are handled with an utmost authentic smoothness. She has led the way for healing with compassion and takes true joy in helping me with my journey. — Mary M., Body Psychotherapy/CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki client in her 50's

I have been seeing Cindy over the past 5 years for CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki. Her work with me has improved my life both physically and mentally in more ways than I ever imagined. I experienced such positive results for myself, she is also helping my dog who suffers from anxiety with Reiki. I can't say enough about her gifts and I am so grateful she is in our lives. — Barb., Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy Client

Cindy, once again, thanks for everything including the wonderful Reiki. You really have a gift and I'm so blessed to be in your 'hands'. You have a huge warm heart and keen insight. Mary Ellen, a 60 year old client from Rhode Island, cancer survivor, and recipient of long distance Reiki

Cindy and I first met in 2004. I had only a program design and a concept. It was Cindy who brought the program alive by volunteering to work it all through. This was huge for me. Her ability to stick with the uncomfortable until clarity emerged was particularly useful in creating what we called ‘nutritional harm reduction’, a gentle way to make dietary changes more enjoyable and sustainable. Cindy now mentors others on their paths to clarity and gently reminds us never to lose sight of the role of the physical body and the physical brain, the terrain of all experience. — Dorothy Mullen, Garden Educator, Lifestyle Counselor, Founder of The Suppers Programs, Inc., Author — Logical Miracles - 100 Stories of Hope and Healing

Cindy and I met as students in Unergi. During our training together, I admired her natural ability in absorbing and applying Gestalt theory. I also had the privilege to observe her deep love for the essence of Unergi as expressed by her personal courage and contagious enthusiasm. — Dianne Stachowski, MSN, RN, CS. Graduate of Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia & Unergi Body Psychotherapy